Best Invisible Fence Collars

Do You Have More Than One Pet But Only One Invisible Fence?

Invisible Fence CollarsWhen you love having pets, acquiring multiple invisible fence collars is a must. Once you have set up your system around your house, you will also need multiple collars if you have more than one pet. There are also occassions when the original collar breaks due to wear and tear over time. This is one of the reasons I recommend getting additional collars.

  • Do you need more than one collar due to multiple pets?
  • Do you have your own invisible fence but need more collars?
  • Did the original collar break?
  • Would you like backups of invisible fence collars?
  • Were you unsatisfied with the orginal one?

There are many ways and reasons why we need invisible fence collars. If you need an additional one then you need to go buy them online. You can get compatible collars meant for your fences or you can buy from the same manufacturer. I recommend that you buy from the same company. They should be able to provide you with durable and effective collars. This is a great innovation that allows us to set perimeter on where our pets can or cannot go.

Best Invisible Fence Collars For Your Pets

Invisible Fence Collars Site Review – Reasons We Chose These
SportDOG Add-A-DogĀ® Collar Receiver, SDF-R There are many wonderful invisible fence collars made by this company. I always recommend the company SportDog because they have been making fantastic dog items for a long time now. The items are often durable and affordable at the same time. This receiver is very affordable and should work with your SportDOG fence. You can adjust the collar’s levels too.

  • Receiver has correction levels and vibration levels also
  • “Anti-linger” feature helps prevent dogs from finding weak points in your invisible fence
  • This collar has an indicator when it is low on power or battery
  • Waterproof/submersible
  • Easy to use
PetSafe Extra Collar for Wireless Containment This is one of the best invisible fence collars that I know of. You will be glad that you bought this item. It is very durable and strong. It should last for a long time. It is meant for PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment System. It is powerful and comes with correctional levels.

  • Replacement collar for PetSafe Wireless Fence Containment System
  • This receiver offers 5 levels of adjustment and comes with beep only mode
  • This is great for dogs over 15 pounds
  • You can use this receiver to add more pets to the system that you already have


PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Collar with Radio Receiver, PUL-275 Paragraph

  • Extra collar with receiver for use with PetSafe In-Ground Fence
  • Collar is only compatible with PetSafe brand Systems
  • Adjustable, ultra-light collar for optimal comfort; weighs 1-1/2 ounces
  • 4 levels of electric correction and a beep-only warning mode


Invisible Fense 700 Series Compatible Dog Fence Collar 10k Frequency This is an amazing invisible fence collar. You can easily see that this item is very durable and long lasting. It should provide lots of functionality to your invisible fence system. Perimeter Technologies is one of the best companies that I know of when it comes to electric fences. You will not be disappointed.

  • These collars will only work with ICT-700 series (ICT-700, ICT-725, ICT-750) fences.
  • A great invisible fence collar that is very affordable and reliable
  • One of the best collars that you can get
Comfort Contact Extra Dog Electric Fence Collar This is an invisible fence collar meant to work with systems made by Perimeter Technologies. You can use this collar as an extra. What I mean is that if you have multiple pets, you can integrate this collar to your invisible fence system. I highly recommend this collar because it has multiple functionalities and it works well.

  • This is meant to be an extra or additional collar
  • This is not compatible with other companies
  • Easy To Use



The Need For Invisible Fence Collars In Our World

Invisible Fence Is Taking Over

There is a huge demand for invisble fence collars because a lot of people are now acquiring invisible fence systems in their home. I urge you to take a look at the items that I have listed above because they are very well made. You can easily see this because the brands or companies that created them are very well known. You will love the items that I recommend because I know that they work well.